Drone Services For Golf Course Real Estate

Selling a business can feel like a daunting task. Putting a golf course on the open market, under any circumstance, is certainly is not a simple to-do.

You must have the proper paperwork in place, determine a competitive asking price (likely with the help of a professional property valuation), prepare the course for sale, and secure a top-level business broker who will help you get top dollar.

Whether your layout is located in Oregon, Florida, or Michigan, our certified drone operators can develop sparkling high definition aerial photography and videos that show off your course in a way that isn’t possible from ground level. From tee to green and everything in between, our pilots capture imagery that alone might sell your course.

No matter if you are a course or club owner or broker, half the battle is getting the course in front of the right eyes. Of course, you must also present your property in way that attracts potential buyers to take action.

You can have every other aspect of the real estate process in order, but if the photos and video of the property are subpar it can kill a deal before it starts.

That’s where our golf course drone team comes in. While flyover footage is becoming more and more popular for promoting traditional real estate, it’s also become a key marketing tool for selling golf courses.

Aerial Photography & Video That Sells

As more affordable drones hit the market, amateur pilots are swooping in to scoop them up. Some of them are even selling their services that are often shoddy and do not warrant the price clients pay for them.

One of the perks of working with our team is that our drone operators are intensely vetted through the DroneVideos network. To even be considered to join our team, they must be FAA licensed and possess an impressive portfolio of skillful work that spans years – not months.

We also deliver drone services for course maintenance and construction.

When you choose our team to help market your golf course, here is what you get:

golf flyover
  • Professionally edited photos and video that come in stunning high-resolution packages.
  • Easily shareable files that you can post immediately to websites, social media, email, and presentations.
  • Affordable and transparent pricing
  • .Fast turnaround times – usually less than 48 hours
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

How it works

  • Order online easily and securely in less than five minutes through the DroneVideos platform.
  • Our drone operator comes to your location at a convenient time for you to shoot.
  • The footage is sent to our talented crew, who edits and color corrects photos and video.
  • The final product is sent to you to share with potential buyers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, websites, email and more.

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