Aerial photography is the art of taking pictures in the air. You can use aerial photography to effectively advertise a golf course because it gives a unique experience to the viewer.

Aerial photography produces imagery using drones, aircraft, or helicopters. It gives viewers a bird’s-eye view of what is going on.

What can be more wonderful than seeing the fantastic overhead views of your favorite golf courses, greens, and fairways?

Golf courses are quite massive. Using ground cameras to cover the landscape can be limiting. It doesn’t capture the full picture and doesn’t make for quality and exclusive viewing.

In advertising golf courses to potential customers, top-notch photography is essential. Pictures and videos can capture what words cannot. And with aerial photography, you get breathtaking imagery.

Aerial photography captures the whole course environment, including layout, flora and fauna, bunkers and hazards, and adds a special touch that will grab the attention of onlookers.

One of the best ways to stand out from competing courses in your area

The world is getting more civilized daily; technology is being improved day by day. In the past, aerial photography was done inside helicopters, which was costly and inefficient.

With the advent and influx of drones, all has been made easy. You can capture a whole golf course just by remotely controlling a drone. Pretty fascinating!

Drones can capture all angles perfectly, with solid resolution, images, and videos. It can reach points aircraft photography wouldn’t have been able to reach. 

Aerial photography is an ideal way to promote your golf course and get the best golfers to enjoy themselves at your golf course. With aerial photography, your golfers may also be able to improve on their game. 

Compared to the previous style of shooting or taking pictures from a helicopter, hiring or buying drones is very cost-effective. You can get quality drones for $1,500 or even less or hire a service like to do the work for you.

Comparing that to the thousands you’d pay to get a helicopter and a film crew, it is suggested that using drones for aerial photography is far more effective.

Top 10 benefits of golf course aerial photography

  1. It enhances the aesthetic quality of your golf course.
  2. A bird’s-eye view enables your customers to see everything about your golf course.
  3. It is more appealing than ground cameras.
  4. It provides a new experience for golfers with aerial flyovers.
  5. With aerial photography, you can capture all angles of your golf course, especially the expansive beauty.
  6. Aerial photography helps you determine the state of your golf course and gives you to direction make necessary maintenance changes. 
  7. With drones, the details in your golf course will be visible to customers. 
  8. With a spectacular view hole layouts, hazards, and bunkers, players can improve their game. 
  9. Compared to the value you get, using drones for golf course aerial photography is not expensive. 
  10. It is far better and superior to the old way of taking pictures or gathering footage of a golf course.

Bottom Line

Because of the nature of golf, it is vital to give players the best view of they course they're playing or considering playing. Also, players must be able to feel the layout’s nature and the greenery.

Aerial photography fulfills all these wishes and more. If you want to attract your desired audience, then you should give aerial photography a shot. It provides the most enticing view of your golf course.