Drone Services For Golf Course Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining a golf course, the quality of the layout is often dependent on the tools and people at your disposal.

It can be an arduous task inspecting and tending to each and every green, fairway, and bunker. Even then, there will be numerous blind spots.

The good news is that technology has evolved to a point that overhead footage provided by drones can affordably capture photos and videos of your course in a short period of time. That way, you can quickly employ your labor resources much more efficiently.

Drone photography has become very popular in agriculture, construction, real estate, and moves and television. Golf course managers and owners are now catching on to the benefits of using flyover imagery as a powerful maintenance tool.

Being proactive in addressing problems on the course and buying back time on human labor with drones can save a club or course thousands of dollars over the course of year.

Think about it. When you zoom and take a look at the big picture like a drone camera can, you get a grand view of your course that simply isn’t possible from ground level.

The advantages are enormous. They include:

  • Addressing irrigation issues
  • Spotting areas that are yellowing or browning
  • Preventing pest infestation and disease
  • Addressing fallen and damaged trees, fencing and buildings from strong winds
  • Examining greens and fairways to ensure they’re playable after heavy rains and moisture

Use our variety of drone services to get ahead of the game on turf management and make sure that your course is in the best shape possible for members and users.

Whether if you need assistance with maintenance, course marketing, mapping, construction, expansion, or real estate, we have FAA licensed drone pilots available around the USA to lend you a hand at a low-cost price.

Aerial Photography & Video To Manage Your Layout

As more drones have become affordable, observing golf course and other pieces of land has become much more manageable. If you’re a course manager or owner, you may attempt to produce overhead images on your own or seek the help of an amateur operator.

Those options might get the job done for your course. But if you want a guaranteed professional product, choose our team of experienced and skilled pilots.

A big bonus with working with our team is that we’re part of the highly reputable DroneVideos network. Each and every one of our operators has passed strenuous test, and they have all earned FAA licensing.

In addition, you get these perks when you choose us:

golf course flyover
  • Crisply edited photography and videos that come in cystral high-resolution packages.
  • Ready to view files that can be posted easily and quickly to email, presentations, websites, and social media.
  • Low-cost rates and no hidden fees.
  • Lighting quick turnaround times –generally within 2 days
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

How it works

  • Simply order online in less than five minutes using the secure DroneVideos platform.
  • One of our expert drone pilots comes to your location at a time that works best for you.
  • Pictures and video files are transferred to our team, who professionally edits and color corrects footage.
  • The final product is given to you to view, share and dissect.

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