Drone Services For Golf Course Construction and Expansion

When it comes to construction, drones have become a tool that is just as common as a shovel and backhoe on a project site.

That includes the building, renovation, and expansion of golf courses and clubs.  There’s no question that accuracy and efficiency with grading, irrigation, drainage, green repairs, bunker restoration, etc. is bolstered by imagery provided by unmanned aerial machines.

Whether you’re a construction firm, architect or golf course manager or owner, we can help you with your building project. We employ FAA licensed drone pilots throughout the United States and skilled video and photo editors that will help keep your project on track with crystal clear flyover footage and film that is affordable.

Drones deliver unique overhead views of job sites, materials, equipment, and even people. They help construction teams map, inspect, survey and manage worksites much more effectively.

Through aerial photography and video provided by our team of experienced drone operators, golf course builders can track specific projects, report progress updates, gather important insights, prevent accidents, and fix potential hazards.

Building With Aerial Photography & Video

Drone services for course additions, construction, building, and renovation requires the steady hand of a capable and talented operator. There are a lot of hobbyists out there posing as professionals who do shoddy work at rates that aren't cheap.

With our team, you never have to worry about quality. We partner with DroneVideos to provide high level aerial photography and video services throughout the country.

Each one of our pilots is licensed by the FAA. They are also intensely vetted to ensure our clients receive stunning overhead visuals that make a difference.

When you choose us for your golf construction project, you get: 

  • Beautifully edited and color corrected photos and video
  • Easily shareable files that can be posted quickly to email, websites, PowerPoint presentations and other platforms
  • Reasonably priced packages with transparent rates
  • Turnaround times that are less than 2 days
  • Hi-Res and ultra HD 4K imagery

In addition to construction, we offer drone flyover service for golf course real estate and maintenance.

How it works

  • Order online in approximately 3 minutes through the secure DroneVideos platform.
  • Our drone pilot comes to your location to shoot at a time that works best for you.
  • Photos and videos are sent to our team, who edits and color corrects footage and images.
  • The final product is sent to you to share anyway you want.

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